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Machining in New York – The Importance of Machining in New York

New York: An Industrial State
Machining in New YorkNew York is a classically industrial state with a storied history of manufacturing. Buffalo in particular has excellent transportation infrastructure in place making it one of the most well-known areas for heavy machinery manufacturing in northern New York. Manufacturing close to New York City is facilitated by the proximity to world-class shipping ports.
New York is home to a number of different industries that require heavy equipment. Machining is a vital component to ensuring that these industries are able to operate consistently and as well as possible.
The Role of Machining in Industry
Manufacturing is a major part of industry. Manufacturing is the creation of useful products from raw materials. Fabrication is the name of the processes used to take the raw materials and manipulate them into something more useful. This generally includes processes like welding, bending and machining.
Machining is a large part of the fabrication process; machining processes are used to remove excess materials from the object in order to create a finished appearance. The term machining is used to describe the use of machines to cut material in order to achieve the desired shape and size. Conventionally, tools such as lathes and other cutting instruments were used by machinists to remove the material. Now there are complex machines that are automated to perform these processes more accurately and efficiently. These automated machines are referred to as CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines and they rely on a computer program to execute a series of actions on the object.
The most common types of CNC machines are the following:
  • Turning – the object is rotated around a stationary cutting tool such as a lathe.
  • Milling – the cutting tool is rotated around the object.
  • Boring – a tool is used to widen a pre-existing hole in the object.
CNC machines have facilitated the ability to produce higher volumes of objects with a minimal variation between each object. They have removed the need for constant supervision by an operator and greatly reduced the time needed for each object.
New types of CNC machines are offering even more advantages over regular CNC machines. Traditional CNC machines are able to move along three axes to perform cuts. Newer technologies have led to machines that can move along additional axes to move the object and perform cuts. This is leading to even greater precision, a higher level of repeatable accuracy and faster cut times. These machines also offer reduced labour and tooling costs.
Machines Shops in New York
Machine shops are important to a continued strong industrial presence in the state of New York. Machine shops handle different projects for manufacturing companies throughout the state as well as performing emergency and repair work when necessary.
There are machine shops in the New York area that have over 40 years of machining experience. These machine shops have managed to remain strong due to a dedication to:
  • Adopting new technologies
  • Maintaining strict quality standards
  • Employing highly skilled labour
If you are in need of machining in New York, trust a reputable machine shop with the experience necessary to handle both custom work and volume production.
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